Hold the Universe in your hands
  • 2015 Space Calendar
    2015 Space Calendar The most unique space calendar for 2015. Explore the Universe with this beautiful calendar. Each month is represented by a galaxy or nebula that resembles the number of the month.
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  • Award Winner
    Award Winner Hubble Star Cards won a Hubble Gold Star from the IGES and NASA for extraordinary use of Hubble imagery for education.

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  • Fun and Games
    Fun and Games Fun for the whole family. Hold the Universe in your hands while learning about space.

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  • Award-Winning
    Award-Winning Hubble Star Cards wins a bronze IPPY in the Children's Interactive category. Hold the Universe in your hands today!
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  • Hold the Universe
    Hold the Universe in your hands. New Hubble Star Cards are a fun way to learn about the cosmos. Get yours now!
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Casino slots free games real steel go. about the Universe while playing Go Fish, War, Matching and more!


the immense scale of the Universe with big planets, bigger nebulae and biggest galaxies.


and engage students with fun reading while learning about space.

What You’re Saying

  • The Hubble Star Cards are terrific! I gave my set to my friend’s 8-year-old son today, for his birthday. Both mother and son were enchanted with the imagery and the information, and looked through the whole set, card by card, while I was there. He burst out with “I LOVE galaxies!”, at one point. He can’t wait to try the games! I’m sure my friend will show these to other homeschool moms, so here’s hoping for an influx of orders
  • Love it! Going to be a blast. Got a set for son in law for his birthday. He’s gonna love them too.
  • Just had to tell you that I’m glad your brain works wonders! Those hubble cards are something I wish we had in high school or even elementary years ago! Science is a never ending project which you know! And now you have turned it into a fun loving educational card game! We’re sure to play it soon w/the kiddies and enjoy the wonders of our universe too! Thanks for creating them. Onward and upward with more educational fun games.
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A beautiful and captivating game for students of all ages. A wondrous exploration of the Universe

-- name withheld, sixth grade teacher

About Hubble Star Cards

Hubble Star Cards provide teachers and students a fun and exciting way to explore the universe using imagery from the orbiting telescope. The images on the cards motivate and engage students to read while developing strategies in learning about objects in space.
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